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The Transylvanian Museum Society functioned as the publisher of the scholarly works resulted from the research of the Society’s collections, and also edited several scholarly journals already as early as the 1860s. In accordance with the structure of the Society, each series was based on works of various fields of research, the publications presented the most recent results of humanities, as well as medical and natural sciences.

An important innovation of the publishing house, following the 1990s, was to offer new series for the publication of research results in the field of technology as well as new journals. Whereas the series Műszaki Tudományos Füzetek (Journal in Technological Research) publishes the most recent scholarly results, also undertaking the role to develop the Hungarian research terminology of the field, the Tudomány- és Technikatörténeti Füzetek (Journal of the History of Science and Technology) series started as a forum for discovering the Transylvanian technical heritage, and it also plans to publish the works in the history of technology, the Műszaki Tudományos Közlemények (Papers on Technical Science) accomplished in 2014 by the Technical Sciences Department of the Transylvanian Museum Society with the intention of collecting the lectures which have been delivered at the technics sessions, conferences, anniversary days. 
The Editor-in-Chief of these new series is Enikő Bitay (

From now on (2018) a part of these series and journals will be published not only in Hungarian but also in English. The series can be choosen from the left side menu.

Publication Ethics

Our publishing policy includes peer-reviewing in order to:
− filter the scientifically acceptable papers,
− improve the quality of papers,
− avoid plagiarism,
− avoid multiple submissions.

Submitted papers should not be considered for publication by other journals. The author is responsible for obtaining, if needed, the permission for publication of peer authors or other institutional authorities.

Authors are required to prepare their paper carefully, including reference to any paper they used results from, well demarcating their own results.

In the unlikely event when we become aware of ethics violation, we do not hesitate to publish corrections, clarifications, even retract the paper with appropriate apologies, as the case may be.

We agree with COPE in promoting integrity in research publication.

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